Do you have draining relationship problems?

Couples Therapy, Individual & Marriage Counseling Can Help.


Through a combination of individual counseling and or relationship & couples therapy you can bring sanity and satisfaction back to your marriage, friendship, family relationship, and your life.


It is agonizing to be in a relationship that is dragging you down. Relationship problems can affect your health, your job and create problems and stress in other relationships where there are none.  Relationship problems that go unchecked can lead to resentment and then you wind up getting “set off” by seemingly small, unrelated things.  But what you feel on the inside is not small at all… it feels like torture!

You may try talk yourself out of your feelings because they somehow seem irrational, they don’t fit the situation, you are filled with self-doubt or your partner tells you are irrational, but the feelings don’t go away.

Without a doubt, this relationship is draining you:

Affecting your job, your health, and your friendships.  

Relationship problems can manifest as anxiety, panic, fear, depression, anger, and even physical problems with breathing, sleeping, eating, and skin and stomach ailments.

This can all lead you to just want escape… you want so badly to leave but then the fear sets in. The fear of being alone, that you’ll never find another, or that the next relationship will be just as bad.

Then you wind up in the cycle of deciding it’s not so bad.  Things get a little better, and you grasp at the shred of hope… only to start the cycle all over again.

The cycle can feel hopeless, leaving you feel desperate and dreaming about running, getting as far away as possible from yourself and the relationship.

There is hope!

Combining Marriage Counseling, Individual & Couples Therapy you can break the cycle and finally experience healthy, intimate relationships.  

Empower yourself and learn how to create the relationship you’ve always wanted - OR, make the decision to go and feel good about it.

Love Therapy is very specific and targeted toward finding the blocks to love (i.e. fear) and alleviating them so you can love and be loved fearlessly and unconditionally.  Through the process of Couples Therapy / Marriage Counseling our immediate goals will be to:

  • Raise your self-esteem
  • Communicate clearly and effectively
  • Avoid those big blow out arguments
  • Release and get relief from emotional wounds that affect you and your relationship
  • Self-sooth to feel calmer in the face of triggering situations
  • Gain respect for yourself, your relationship and your partner

Some longer term goals might be to:

  • Discover how to tell the difference between your own over reactions and your partner’s character defaults that you really can’t live with.
  • See your relationship and your partner based on the reality of the situation instead of through your fears (self-doubt, shame, or fear of abandonment.)
  • Access and understand your truth, aka authentic self… (your needs, wants, dreams and aspirations).
  • Find ways to have productive conversations, even when there is a difference of opinion.
  • Deal with anger or upset that is directed at you without getting overwhelmed and overly anxious.
  • Set your boundaries and say “NO” without fear of losing your partner.
  • Make a decision about your relationship based on the fit between who and how you are and who and how your partner is.

Once you feel more confident in yourself, accessing your own inner wisdom and communicating in a way that can be heard, you will be amazed at the changes that will be created in all of your relationships.

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I specialize in improving relationships and assisting couples discover fearless and unconditional love.  

Love Therapy can help you both individually and in your relationships by bringing love, i.e. connection, acknowledgement and allowance first to yourself and as a result, to your partner.   Love Therapy is a method I created as I began to see an emerging theme in my clients and through my areas of specialty… Relationships and Trauma.  It is the blocks from loving yourself (usually through emotional trauma, and not necessarily the death and dismemberment kind), loving others and from and over an overall sense of connection and belonging (socially, emotionally, spiritually, etc.) that creates illness, stress and anxiety.  I have found that the core of healing yourself and your relationships can be found in this light of love.

I have worked as a Marriage and Family Therapist since 2003 helping people like you heal the wounds that cause out of control intense emotions in relationships; for couples, and other relationships: work, family, marriage, or premarital.

I am trained in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), a well-researched and effective method of therapy for healing deep wounds that manifest in intense negative emotions. I have studied extensively in the areas of trauma, both research and healing methods, and incorporate this into the counseling work I do with clients.

By interweaving Spiritual Psychology: i.e. mindfulness, meditation, visualization, intention setting and somatic psychology with proven scientific methods of therapy that get results such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), also a well researched and effective method for changing negative / destructive thought patterns and beliefs into positive / constructive thoughts and beliefs. Using EMDR, I help my counseling clients heal the wounds that create confusion and indecision.

Healing your relationship wounds will help you see your situation with clarity and calm, enabling you to finally be able to make the empowered decisions you have been wanting and needing to make.

If you are ready to break the cycle of stress and pain in your relationships, I invite you to call for a free 20-minute consultation or to schedule an appointment.


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